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Don't let non-Christians, take all the Christmas billion$, year after year? Become a Christian vendor, in your area, this Christmas season, and raise money for your church, charity or yourself?

Every Christmas season, non-Christians generate millions of dollars, by selling fake Christmas Items, to Christians, while Christian  churches, charities and individual Christians, struggle to make ends meet?

According to the GCA (Greeting Card Association), each Christmas season, about 1.6 billion Christmas cards, billion with a 'B', are sold in the USA alone! Sadly, most of these so-called Christmas cards, are secular cards, that say nothing about Christ or His message? 

And according to NCTA (National Christmas Tree Association), approximately 25 - 30 million Christmas trees, are sold here in America, each year! Only to be thrown away, a few weeks or days later!

Add to that gifts, decorations and so on. Billion$ are spent each Christmas season, in the USA! Don't you want a piece or slice of that! Why should your church or you continue to struggle financially, when billion$$ are up for grabs every Christmas season? 

Besides, in Mark 16:15 - 16,  before Jesus ascended to heaven, He commanded His followers past, present & future, to go into all the world and spread the good news! Now the question is, , how is the church going to accomplish this multi-billion dollar project, if it is broke?

Enough is enough! This Christmas season, start taking back, what rightfully belongs to you, by becoming a Christian vendor and selling genuine Christmas products, to your fellow Christians!

And unlike other businesses, that profit from the Christmas season, we sincerely believe in sharing the Christmas money with the churches and fellow Christians.

Generous discounts available at checkout, by applying specific codes (in brackets) for each item:

*Buy 100 or more Christmas Cards & get 25% off  (  P0JD5RDMFEKK )

*Buy 25 or more Christmas Yard Signs & get 25% off ( GAWRTMSQ04WP )

*Buy 25 or more Christmas Banners & get 25% off ( MCT87Q6332JG )

*Buy 50 or more Christmas Eyewear & get 25 % off ( KKNTN73A8TX3 )

*Buy 25 or more Christmas Car Magnet-Signs (same size) & get 25% off ( SQ40320PSGT4 )

*Buy 25 or more Christmas Vinyl Stickers (same size) & get 25% off ( BFFZ5TQ0V0EW )

Merry Christmas!